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010120 - First day of a new decade - Sound Article, listen while reading


Through an alpinism journey in the "Mont Blanc" massif in France, sensorial memories experienced this very day lead to reconsider the relationship we, as humans, have with our environment.

The sounds were taken by myself during various mountain expeditions and proposed in this sound piece as a recomposed reality.

This sound article was originally edited in the 3th issue of RunWild Magazine questioning our reaction to climate change.

Publications :

RunWild Magazine 3th issue "our reaction to climate change" - English magazine

Alpinismi online magazine written by alpinists for mountain lovers - Edited in Italy

Links :

Sound piece on soundcloud

RunWild Magazine issue ordering

Alpinismi online magazine

Pictures taken during the Mont Blanc alpinism journey

Original publication in RunWild magazine

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