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Documentary film


In Ixiamas, in the Bolivian Amazon, the indigenous gold cooperative "El Turbion" is preparing to extract the precious mineral from the Tequeje River. Heading the cooperative for the past two years following the death of her father, my friend Clarivel aims to mine with as little pollution as possible, respecting both her Tacana culture and personal ethics. A daunting challenge for this former activist who sees the forest disappearing. In front of

her : the stranglehold of globalized extractivism, greedy village mentalities and impatient associates. Distraught by the prospect of ecological catastrophe, she summons the Jichis, immemorial guardians of the forest's equilibrium, in a fable. Where profit threatens inter-species relations, Clarivel's dilema and quest questions the survival of a link between living beings, as much as our place as humans among them.

In production with Avril Film

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Lussas documentary school - Producer meeting days October 22-27, 2022

Lussas documentary school - Writing support May-June 2022

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