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Sound piece exploring the entanglements between the human, animal and technological worlds in Madidi National Park in the Bolivian Amazon.

In Bolivia's Madidi National Park, the voices of the forest mingle with the rounds of the park rangers. Between howler monkeys, drones, frog vocalizations, motorized dugouts, slash-and-burn, caiman and bird imitations, human, animal and technological worlds merge. The sound piece proposes a plastic exploration of an inhabited nature where, more than a simple landscape, it becomes a subject. The forest rangers are the mediators.

"Evolving at first through anadiplosis and leaping from drones to bees to motors, the piece manifests a singular listening and renews sound ecology. It focuses on the relationships that develop around a given place at a given moment, on the ever-new concordances and dissonances between living and non-living, between human and non-human." - Review by Juliette Volcler

With the participation and collaboration of forest rangers Marcos, Heriberto, Juan, Dario, Remberto, Ernesto, Estefania, Diego, Cabea, Viktor and Anastasio from Madidi National Park in the Bolivian Amazon, as well as sunrises, birdsong, drone, beehive, frog, alligator, snatched monkeys, water in a concrete container, river, inflatable boat, howler monkeys, wind, fire, rain, imitation, motor dugout, oropendolas, tiger bird.


The piece was shot in Apolo, Ichuramada, rio Tuichi, lagunas hermanas, Sadiri, Bala, Parabal, pampas d'Ixiamas. It was produced exclusively

from field sounds 

Thanks to Sernap for access to the park.

Author, director & editor / Iga Vandenhove

Sound mixing / Jules Wysocki

Award / Prix "Field recording" Phonurgia nova Festival 2022

Broadcasts / Le jardin des plantes, Paris, july 2023 - Festival Back to the tree, France, july 2023 - Instants chavirés broadcasted to children aged 4 to 10 - 4 and 5 april 2023 - Musée Reattu d'Arles - broadcasted in february and march 2023 - Shakirail avec PePaSon "Soundscapes and militant ecologies: what synergies ?" - 21 january 2023 - Radio Octopus (webradio, Rabastens) - 12, 19, 26 january 2023, Radio Panik (105.4 MHz à Bruxelles) - 30 december 2022, Radio Campus Paris (93.9 MHz en région parisienne) - 26 december 2022, Radio l'Eko des garrigues (88.5 MHz à Montpellier) - 20 december 2022, Radio ∏node (DAB+ canal 11 à Mulhouse et canal 9 à Paris) - 16 december 2022, émission "Radio renversée" de l'Intempestive - december 2022, Phaune radio - 1er december 2022, Phonurgia festival, Paris - 5 nov 2022, Espacio Armonia, La Paz, Bolivie -14 oct 2022 - (Sound piece, video, fresco and tastings, event in collaboration with Bolivian visual artist Knorke Leaf), L'atelier des empreintes, Montsoreau, France - 18 sept to 13 nov 2022




SIESTES SONORES (Sound lap) - Listening under the big willow tree in the Jardin des Plantes - 2023

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