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LES SEIGNEURS - Documentary movie, 10'

Kandé, Sidi, Mamoudou et Ali are part of the so called "isolated minor migrants" gathering during daytime at the house for young refugees in Paris 18th. During the legal procedure to be accepted as immigrants that can last months, they wait, at the hearth of a situation which outgrows them. Facing uncertainty, their everyday life rythmed by appointments with social workers, french classes, walks, meal times at the cafeteria and a babyfoot, the waiting materialises itself. It becomes the soil of hopes, dreams, frustrations and desillusions. Invisible yet present, here but not admitted, around the babyfoot becoming an energy catalytic, the fight and the urge to believe takes place.

Les Seigneurs is a documentary shot in the process of a workshop ("writing and directing a documentary") at la CIFAP.

Directed : Iga Vandenhove

Shooting : Julien Chiaretto, Karen David

Editing : Iga Vandenhove

Supports : La CIFAP, France Terre d'Asile

Thanks : Teaching and social worker team at the house for refugees Paris 18th, France Terre d'Asile association, Mohammed, Kandé, Ali, Bakary

Broadcasted / Festival art et migrations - Café de la presse, Paris

Links / Interview by la CIFAP about the documentary :

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