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VOCES DEL MADIDI VIDEO - Experimental video exploring the entanglements between the human, animal and technologic worlds

This video-essay is a visual and plastic exploration of the sound piece The voices of the Madidi by Iga Vandenhove in which the voices of the Madidi National Park (Bolivia) are mixed with the patrols of the park guards. Between drone and bees, frog songs, imitations of alligators and birds... The human, animal and technological worlds become entangled. The video proposes a visual grammar made of overlays playing with transparency, textures and colors. Provoking unprecedented associations, these interlacing layers of reality explore other perspectives in a world in crisis.

Video direction - Iga Vandenhove y Knorke Leaf

Video concept - Knorke Leaf

Sound concept - Iga Vandenhove

Motion design - Iga Vandenhove

Production and managment - Knorke Leaf

Photography, illustration and video - Gabriella Villanueva, Pedro Laguna, Knorke Leaf, Huascar Sevillano, Iga Vandenhove

Thank you - Forest keeper of the Madidi, crowdfunders, biologists, CEDIB

Presented in /

Tsonami Ediciones, Chile - 19 décembre 2023

Café Armonia, La Paz - 14 october 2022

Malecon, San Buenaventura - 22 november 2022

Casa de la cultura G.A.M.R, Rurrenabaque 23 november 2022

PROJECTION OPEN AIR - 3D mapping effect with the wall cactuses - Festival Primavera Barranco Mallasa, 21 sept 2022

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