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NUIT BLANCHE - Graphic design: designing the program and the poster for the event

Every year in Paris since 2002, the "Nuit Blanche" event takes place. It is a self-guided artistic tour of the capital by night in which people are invited to navigate the different districts of Paris using the program pictured.


The participants are invited to become singular explorers of the event with the program that can transform into an origami star afterwards, actively engaging them to become actors in the event rather than simple spectactors. Through the process of converting a program from 2D to 3D, this construction game invites us to (re)think our relationship to the field, the path and what surrounds us.

The graphic design proposition is composed of 3 programs (one for each district), each one potentially folding into a star without glue or cutting, thanks to a system of precuts and instructional notes integrated into each program.


NB etoile construction-03.jpg
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