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EN APNÉE - Graphic design - Designing the poster and part of the credits of the movie

En apnée - Synopsis of the movie : 

Chloe and Lola are together preparing their audition to get into a theatre school. Rehearsals proceed with ups and downs all whilst awaiting the big day.

Sentimental comedy of N'Gouda Prince Ba - 14'50

Graphic design proposition :

With "En apnée", I played around the feeling of suspension with the help of two different weights of the same typography. The contrast between the two weights and their succession is a way to suggest a suspended time, vulnerable, delicate, between 2 states of respiration - inspiration/expiration - the moment we hold our breath.

Document :

Complete graphic design file in pdf here

aux amitiés compliqués
en apnée
extraits jean genet



Written and directed by : N'Gouda Prince Ba

Actresses : Chloé Bouiller, Lola Bonnecarrère

Editing : N'Gouda Prince Ba

Photography director : Martin Heredia Troncoso

Music of : Iva Manov Joachim Song

Graphic design : Iga Vandenhove (Credits at the beginning, 1st part of the credits at the end.)

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