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LES MADELEINES SONORES - Sound installation - documentary

Sidi, Mamoudou, Kandé and Ali, are between 16 to 18 years old. They arrived in France not long ago from Mali, Senegal and Pakistan. Through the madeleines sonores sound installation, composed by 6 sound caps, they share with us their stories, their dreams, their hopes becoming symbolically like little treasures. If we take the time to grab a headphone, open the chest we might realise that what is even more precious is the connection made with us. It is the time we take to listen and meet them. Also, the souvenirs that arise in people's head, in how intimate and universal they are, open an introspective field to the personal world of each listener whilst inviting to discover the youngsters' ones.

Each caps displays a sound grabbed by the youngsters in Paris and what it evokes them. They invest an intimate space of speech with a singular narrative of themselves unlike the stereotypical speech administration waits for. Giving them a space for reinvention, this narrative accompagnies in a poetic and peculiar way an affirmation of themselves and of the path lived so far.

This collaborative project at been developed with Sidi, Mamoudou, Kandé and Ali through various months, living by then in the Miguel Angel Estrella social home in Créteil. At first, we did some field recording session together in Paris. In a second time and during 6 months, we deepened the evocations and did a whole work together around the speech and narrative.

The sound installation had been adapted in situ in its latest presentation at the BAAM migrants Festival.


With the participation of : Sidi Camara, Mamoudou Diakité, Kandé Wagué, Ali Hussan

Thanks : France Terre d'Asile, Foyer Miguel Angel Estrella à Créteil, Monique professeur de français au foyer

Exhibitions :

BAAM festival / Installation sonore in situ, Paris - sept 2019

Le Social Bar / Happening sonore, Paris - 26.04.2017

Le Point Ephémère / Installation sonore, Paris - 08-09.07.2016 & 28-30.11.2016

Festival Arts & Migrations / Café de la Presse, Paris - 18.09.2016

Artistes émergents / Le carreau, Cergy - 15-26.06.2016

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