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Plastic exploration of gender stereotypes part of a future series of frescoes

This cartoonish banner, made entirely from reused bath towels, questions the gendered injunctions conveyed by patriarchal society and the roles assigned to them. These towels - by-products of capitalism that take up strong symbols of popular culture and are both objects of leisure and intimate objects that come into direct contact with the skin - underline how these fictions permeate our daily lives and imprint themselves on us from childhood. Here, the symbols that serve a dominant discourse are cut up, sheared and stripped away to be subverted into an object of struggle. The ironic tone and the reference to a bygone era point to the inconsistency of a system that is still murderous. This first production is a research stage for a series of frescoes on the same theme.

Thanks to Olga Desclouds and Clara Anneix who made a major contribution to this first exploration, to Camille Baudelaire, Sarah Schrader and the Féministes en formes collective (workshop supervision), to Arts décoratifs de Paris, to Jordan Thieblot (wooden structure and towel recovery), to Arthur Enguehard (towel recovery and helping hand).

Happening / Demonstration for Women's Day, Paris, 8 march 2024


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