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Multimedia artist, documentarist and graphic designer, Iga Vandenhove (France, 1989) works and lives between France and the different countries where she develops projects (Armenia, Iran, South america...)

She turns adventure and field exploration into a creative material of reality full of potential narratives. Through this, she questions the frontier between reality and fiction, tales and stories and so on, our way to relate to the world and to what surrounds us. Experiencing the field becomes the ground for interactions, for possible stories to create with the environment; the revealing medium of other ways of being in the world, other worlds, other livings, other existences. She often relies on sound and visual polysemy to talk about those various way to relate to the world, to the livings and the way we pass through it or we let it pass through us. Doing so, she points out the role our imagination plays in how we relate to our surroundings and our intersubjective relationships, inviting us to broaden the scope of our perceptions. She uses sounds and words as vectors of a sensitive expression of the world, as an act of presence of other forms of existences, of other possible narratives. She focuses on the relation between natural and urban contexts, on perception, on collective myths and personnal beliefs and their interpretations... She likes to create "together" through collaborative processes with individuals or groups, seeing the act of listening, observing or creating like a way to connect to the world, to unite when opening in the meantime a space for expression and dialog.

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After graphic design studies, she directs Les seigneurs , her first short-movie in 2015 during a documentary writing and directing practice, relating the story of teenager migrants in the very moment they wait their case to be judged. In line with this documentary, Les madeleines sonores (2016-2019), a sound installation born from the work done with young migrants, converts the medium of sound as a vector for the expression of a sensorial memory, linking sound and speaking recording. Curious about how means of expression can be appropriate and interested in an active and activist cultural democratisation, she directs in 2020 for the theater company L'Île de la Tortue a serie of podcasts about les Clameuses, a group of female spectactors from Clichy-sous-Bois becoming cultural ambassadors of their city through the year. Iga Vandenhove works as well on audio-visual documentaries, like the Northern Avenue one, shot in Armenia, questionning the collective memory of a place, associating photographic and phonographic mediums. Her latest project, Echap, a sound piece co written with Noémie Fargier et Vanessa Vudo, exclusively done from field recordings done throughout the world, navigates between real and imaginary territories, probing the possible freedom spaces in a society that tends to standardise more and more.


Her works had been exhibit few times in festivals, her latest work Echap has been selected and broadcasted in the Festival Longueur d'Ondes, and les Clameuses had been relayed by the national press. 


She works now on a new project focusing on the relationship to the livings by developping part of her field recording practice in singular ecosystems and during adventure activities (ski, climbing, alpinism, trekking), exploring the interactions between a place and what lives in or goes through it.

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